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my submissions

2009-10-03 23:04:16 by mcjowen

Ok so I submited some music to audio portal & it said submission sucessful but it wont show up in my account where it says audio submissions.
EDIT:yay they finnaly went through


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2009-10-04 19:26:37

up now, we have to make sure these submission aren't stolen , which isn't easy.

mcjowen responds:

thanks man i kinda new so haha yeah thanks alot :)


2010-07-09 19:45:44

You can't write an understandable sentence AT ALL. Everything you write is peppered with misspellings, grammatical errors, and lack of punctuation. Not only that but you gave Moovlin a review score of 0 without even unlocking anything, and I doubt you played more than 3 levels.